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"to call for hands of above to lean on wouldn't be good enough for me"
The Knife

Joseph Cornell - Cassiopeia 1,  1960

20218   |   sculpture wood ball astronomy

17516   |   photo building wall window ruin wood Lofoten Norge

29416   |   photo window glass plant tree wood Norge

23316   |   photo architecture wood window Norge


30915   |   photo food wood circle daily.shot

mh, thought this would turn out better

21915   |   daily.shot photo wood metal instrument

1815   |   photo water lake wood plant Deutschland

It's the longest day of the year!! Around this time the Ålesundians also celebrate Sankthans by building a huge (they even set the world record in 2010) wooden tower while blasting forgot about Dre through the fjord and setting the whole thing on fire. This year it's 33m high.

19615   |   photo architecture tower wood human water fire

16515   |   photo nature macro moss grass wood stone Geiranger Norge

way up in Gardermoen airport

13315   |   photo grid geometry pattern wood Norge

inside the foyer of Oslo Opera

26215   |   photo architecture wall pattern rectangle wave light grid wood Norge Oslo

inside the foyer of Oslo Opera

26215   |   photo architecture wall rectangle pattern wood wave light Norge Oslo grid

Spotted in a canal in Aker Brygge

25215   |   sculpture metal wood human water Norge Oslo

A member of the fire tribe. Can't seem to find out who did these.

23215   |   photo sculpture wood head hair Norge Oslo

I'm putting up some pictures from my trip to Wrocław from autumn 2013. Don't even know why I haven't done so until now.

18115   |   photo sticker wood weapon gun human man mask Wrocław Polska

15115   |   photo gravure wood skateboard animal mask

171214   |   sculpture wood