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"Every increase in your knowledge is a simultaneous decrease. You learn and you unlearn at the same time. A new certainty is a new doubt as well."
Brian Eno


15816   |   photo graffiti animal wolf smoke New.York USA

111015   |   animal wolf teeth dark

23215   | wheatpaste animal wolf head Norge Oslo

I didn't get a decent photo of the Nidarosdomkirke so I'll make up for it with this one which I shot right across the street from there.

6115   |   photo sculpture metal animal wolf sheep death Trondheim Norge

26714   |   illustration animal wolf mask bird plant leaf red

30813   |   painting animal wolf death plant flower life

Woodkid - iron

Such a brilliant video, would totally work as a commercial for a fragrance or something as well.

21711   |   wolf animal owl horse black.white smoke weapon