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"art is never finished, only abandoned"
Leonardo da Vinci

Please delete your Facebook and Spotify accounts. I know being used and spoonfed never goes out of style, but we're way past the point when shit got real nasty.
And avoid ordering everything and a dog from Amazon, while we're at it.

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It's been a lot of work and now it is finally done, my new favourite tape label Pattern // Select has opened its word wide doors! I've been developing the whole page for a couple of months and wish my buddies all the best for the ventures.

Check out the folks, their tunes, the tapes and other goodies!

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sysiphos: we <3 u too!

I rewrote the whole site from scratch, feels a lot slicker now.

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Even more big, exciting news: Me and my girlfriend just launched our very own online store. We offer linocuts, printed reproductions, posters, hand made and hand colored clay sculptures, accessories and more, check it out:

Farg og Graf

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A while ago I signed up at VJ Loops to try and sell some of the visuals I make. Much to my surprise I just discovered that I'm this week's featured artist!
Check me out!

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Lately I got back into listening to online radio and eventually got hooked on Dublab. It's nothing short of fantastic, every time I tune in I immediately get the urge to let everything else drop, do nothing but listen to the mix and wonder what's next. Endless inspirations to rip samples from (and in fact I discovered sources from a couple of songs I've known for years), edgy, vibrant remixes and tracks from every edge of the known and unknown world.

go check it out

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Please take a seat as I'm going to tell you a secret:

The Nasjonalbiblioteket is building a Digital Library - they are digitizing all the books. Ja, all of 'em! What this really means is if you paint a Norwegian IP on your banners you'll get free and full access to every single book ever published in Norwegian language! Every last one of them! Those that aren't under copyright are even up for download. Det er jo flott, ikke sant!?

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Alright folks, hold your wigs. It's about time to set off this new project I started with my buddy Mor. We present you:

Christian gegen Moritz

We'll be taking turns posting completely self-made music videos of all sorts. I was the unlucky one rolling the higher dice so I came up with this first video entitled Njegom, check it.

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Found this nifty map on reddit, I guess it's pretty accurate.

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