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"Beware that you do not lose the substance by grasping at the shadow."

Anyone remember the hell of the upside-down sinners from Big Trouble in Little China? Yeah, today was like that.

17919   |   photo 中国 陝西 weather water rain

Oh noes …

14919   |   weather rain

23316   |   photo plant mountain snow weather Oppland Norge

working from home as the town's on lockdown

19116   |   gif weather snow building house car Norge Ålesund


5915   |   photo water island mountain weather sky cloud daily.shot Ålesund Norge

DS.12 - a million engines in neutral

4915   |   photo water weather rain daily.shot Ålesund Norge

the worms come out to see what's up

4915   |   photo water weather rain mirror Ålesund Norge

and then all day

4915   |   photo water weather rain Ålesund Norge

and it rained all night

4915   |   photo water weather rain Ålesund Norge

Finally managed to take the cozy chairlift up to the lille kubben. This crappy cell phone shot perfectly depicts the thirty minute weather cycle we've experienced the past what-feels-like-a-year from left to right.

13615   |   photo city weather cloud sky rain water mountain island sea Ålesund Norge

Simon Heijdens constructed Shade, a window tiled in digital glass triangles that react to the wind forces outside. Wind on - opacity gone.

I guess the sensation lasts until you try to lean back and enjoy the sight on a lush summer afternoon.

14115   |   gif architecture sculpture window glass weather geometry triangle human

Weather changes so fast in Trondheim. That front took just about five minutes to enclose the radio tower we had lunch in.

6115   |   photo city weather cloud snow Trondheim Norge

It's raining/hailing for days on end up here :|

221214   |   gif nature water sea wave weather rain

The whole Sunnmøre region experienced a power outage during the storm last night.

61214   |   gif black.white nature weather storm lightning cloud water sea dark