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"It is by logic that we prove, but by intuition that we discover. To know how to criticize is good, to know how to create is better."
Henri Poincaré

141016   |   photo water wave animal bird flight Norge Ålesund

141016   |   photo black.white water wave Norge Ålesund

141016   |   photo water building house Norge Ålesund

I'm gonna miss the view from my office :O

141016   |   photo water sea mountain wave plant grass Norge Ålesund

behold the Trollstigen

19916   |   photo nature mountain rock street water river Norge

19916   |   photo nature mountain rock water lake sky Norge

9916   |   photo animal tiger water me_irl

29816   |   photo water river boat statue crane New.York USA

I completed Hyper Light Drifter and it was such a delight. If you've ever found any joy in playing a computer game or care for a good story at all I implore you to get this jewel. Or talk someone you know into playing it while you just sit there by their side getting lost in its miraculous world.

25816   |   game human plant water ruins

11816   |   photo architecture building water boat New.York USA

11816   |   photo lamp water bridge New.Jersey USA

11816   |   photo architecture building city water boat sky cloud New.York USA

8816   |   photo sculpture metal human kid water New.York USA

9/11 Memorial and the Museum that Snøhetta built

8816   |   photo architecture building water human plant tree New.York USA

Midtown Manhattan as seen from New Jerseys shore of the Hudson

7816   |   photo architecture building tower water river boat city New.York USA

18716   |   photo city architecture building water USA New.York

20516   |   photo mountain snow cloud water sea Norge