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"don't you forget that in your fairy tale I'm the wolf"
The Dillinger Escape Plan

141118   |   България Со́фия photo water canal wave clothes stone

141118   |   България Со́фия photo graffiti text metal rust water canal

141118   |   България Со́фия photo sculpture water fountain sphere metal

141118   |   България Со́фия photo plant flower water

Julia Faber - Where there's Grazers, there's Hunters
oil on canvas, 2017

281018   |   painting animal tiger machine fight forest water

10618   |   България Со́фия photo water canal plant grass

Ivan Shishkin - Swamp, Marshy Woodlands, 1890

24118   |   painting nature animal bird water lake plant forest tree

Город Зеро - quirky movie, go watch it

13118   |   movie human man water boat

Maybe not from the sources
You have poured yours
Maybe not from the directions
You are staring at
Twist your head around
It's all around you

181217   |   movie human man animal dog water

: stalker

19617   |   photo animal sea.creature fish anatomy water

141016   |   photo water wave animal bird flight Norge Ålesund

141016   |   photo black.white water wave Norge Ålesund

141016   |   photo water building house Norge Ålesund

I'm gonna miss the view from my office :O

141016   |   photo water sea mountain wave plant grass Norge Ålesund

behold the Trollstigen

19916   |   photo nature mountain rock street water river Norge

19916   |   photo nature mountain rock water lake sky Norge

9916   |   photo animal tiger water me_irl