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"your face never forgets a cry, like trace remnants of acid in your spine"

王瑞琳 - 迷·藏-城
This comforts me right now.

141218   |   sculpture human man warrior beard

Wow, after countless heart-pounding encounters I actually managed to complete Dark Souls III. Playing through the series truly was one of the most remarkable gaming experiences and if I were to live in the lands of unlimited time to spend I'd totally start over again right now.

9716   |   game warrior forest weapon

10216   |   painting robot warrior weapon sword clothes

Just twenty minutes in and this game is already overhwelmingly beautiful. A shame my laptop can't keep up, though :/
Oh and by the way, I already died three times for trying to lure a one eyed ogre.

5216   |   game man warrior beard weapon sword building mountain cloud

When all of us are so capable of
The greatest acts of hate and the worst acts of love
I wonder sometimes what's the matter with us all
And I know how the best will fall
And the rest will follow

… And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - rest will follow

29714   |   photo human warrior

61013   |   photo black.white human man warrior samurai weapon sword street building death