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"this world doesn't fight you, you fight yourself, thinking we fail you, you fail yourself"

Daniele Lombardi, 1981
The cover for this publication, it's full of the weirdest ways of notating music:

12320   | music triangle

18318   |   painting comic human man head eye clothes triangle sky jewellery

9716   |   TouchDesigner black.white geometry triangle noise

it's all just part of the same

91215   |   gif geometry triangle rectangle circle

EXODUS by Peder Norrby

171015   |   video music 3D space geometry triangle

Now here is my excuse for breaking my photography commitment, I'm picking up the habit again.

81015   |   Cinema4D 3D geometry triangle

26915   |   gif Processing geometry triangle

22815   |   gif geometry circle triangle

21415   | black.white geometry line triangle rectangle TouchDesigner Cinema4D

2415   |   gif black.white geometry triangle cube

25315   |   illustration black.white hand magic weapon knife key animal crystal bottle skull moon geometry snake mushroom cat circle triangle star

If I was forced to pick my favourite project out of Oslo's new Fjord City a.k.a. The Opera Quarter I'd probably pick the Deloitte building. Designed, of course, by Snøhetta.

26215   |   photo architecture building wall window geometry triangle pattern light Norge Oslo grid


Fu: It's referred to as Deloitte Building.

a: where is this?

Fu: In Oslo's waterfront dubbed The Barcode.

10215   | Processing black.white geometry triangle

28115   | black.white Cinema4D 3D geometry triangle

now in colour

24115   |   video music geometry triangle 3D glitch rainbow TouchDesigner Cinema4D

Detail of Most Zwierzyniecki, one of the supposedly hundred bridges of Wrocław.

18115   |   photo architecture bridge metal geometry triangle Wrocław Polska

15115   | pattern geometry triangle human woman clothes orange