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"A traveller without knowledge is a bird without wings"
Muslih Al-Din Sa'di

Daniele Lombardi, 1981
The cover for this publication, it's full of the weirdest ways of notating music:

12320   | music triangle

18318   |   painting comic human man head eye clothes triangle sky jewellery

9716   |   TouchDesigner black.white geometry triangle noise

it's all just part of the same

91215   |   gif geometry triangle rectangle circle

EXODUS by Peder Norrby

171015   |   video music 3D space geometry triangle

Now here is my excuse for breaking my photography commitment, I'm picking up the habit again.

81015   |   Cinema4D 3D geometry triangle

26915   |   gif Processing geometry triangle

22815   |   gif geometry circle triangle

21415   | black.white geometry line triangle rectangle TouchDesigner Cinema4D

2415   |   gif black.white geometry triangle cube

25315   |   illustration black.white hand magic weapon knife key animal crystal bottle skull moon geometry snake mushroom cat circle triangle star

If I was forced to pick my favourite project out of Oslo's new Fjord City a.k.a. The Opera Quarter I'd probably pick the Deloitte building. Designed, of course, by Snøhetta.

26215   |   photo architecture building wall window geometry triangle pattern light Norge Oslo grid


Fu: It's referred to as Deloitte Building.

a: where is this?

Fu: In Oslo's waterfront dubbed The Barcode.

10215   | Processing black.white geometry triangle

28115   | black.white Cinema4D 3D geometry triangle

now in colour

24115   |   video music geometry triangle 3D glitch rainbow TouchDesigner Cinema4D

Detail of Most Zwierzyniecki, one of the supposedly hundred bridges of Wrocław.

18115   |   photo architecture bridge metal geometry triangle Wrocław Polska

15115   | pattern geometry triangle human woman clothes orange