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"We become what we behold. We shape our tools and then our tools shape us."
Marshall McLuhan

22518   |   България Со́фия photo architecture city mosque wall tower stone

Midtown Manhattan as seen from New Jerseys shore of the Hudson

7816   |   photo architecture building tower water river boat city New.York USA

20516   |   photo building house tower Lofoten Norge

9416   |   photo city building tower water river boat Beograd Srbija

feels like I took this photo a thousand times over in every city I visited

9416   |   photo city building tower roof gold Beograd Srbija

8416   |   photo architecture tower plant tree Beograd Srbija

27316   |   photo nature water sea mountain forest building tower Norge

It's the longest day of the year!! Around this time the Ålesundians also celebrate Sankthans by building a huge (they even set the world record in 2010) wooden tower while blasting forgot about Dre through the fjord and setting the whole thing on fire. This year it's 33m high.

19615   |   photo architecture tower wood human water fire

here you go, our biggest phallus

23912   |   photo black.white architecture tower Berlin Deutschland

23215   |   photo architecture tower metal glass sky cloud Norge Oslo

7215   |   photo architecture tower Norge Trondheim

19115   |   photo building church tower sky plant tree Wrocław Polska

That tower I wrote about earlier.

6115   |   photo city building house tower snow light sky cloud Trondheim Norge