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"why do people always rush their wishes at the wishing well?"

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I Will, I Swear - long days

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A small video I made for the latest beat of my main man CRSSSPACE.

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Finally I'm allowed to upload this. It's one of my entries for a small annual film festival among my friends. It was the first time I ever edited actual video footage and despite some minor flaws I've never been this satisfied with something I've created. Somehow I even ended up winning the great trophy: a somewhat antique Samovar. :D The whole evening was mad fun packed with loads of awesome short films, music videos animations and whatnot. My friends are the greatest =)

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by Thom Yorke. In case you haven't seen this one yet.

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Cinnamon Chasers - luv deluxe

I'm glad I found this one again, saw it somewhen last summer but totally forgot about it. Nice tune, awesome video.

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Ingenious painting session by the Rinpa Eshidan collective from Japan.

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