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"you're more likely to learn something 'new' by someone who doesn't know anything as opposed to someone who has been doing it their whole life"
Richard D. James

Cesar Martinez - Unchained
for Vancity and Fortune Sound Club

141218   |   illustration black.white skeleton head skull weapon death surreal sphere text

141118   |   България Со́фия photo sculpture water fountain sphere metal

21517   |   Cinema4D 3D sphere black.white

post #3000

311015   |   Cinema4D 3D geometry sphere glow light neon

10615   | 3D cube sphere

catch me on some Platonic shit

31315   | 3D geometry cube sphere pyramid Cinema4D

My latest fully automated music visualization. All coded in openFrameworks.

Music by Kelpe

271014   |   video music music.visualization openFrameworks geometry sphere 3D