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"here I'm allowed everything all of the time"

Engrish dump incoming

It all began on the plane …

I'll try, promise.


This represents a myriad other business signs and ads messing it up

Best thing about this was a mirrored/correct version 5m to the left of this one and the exit really being to the left.

Wherever Austrians or Swiss helped build the cable cars there were also some decent German translations to be had 

That's cool with me

I sure as hell won't!

Such a shame they only had this in XXL )':

Can't argue with that

At some point they must've run out of lower case o letters

You can't even make this up

Oh, hi!

Three of these were from the same place

And the worst mess-up of them all:

20919   |   travel text 中国 photo sign language funny

Can you believe it? They were actually flying my flag when my lift descended down to Earth again! (':

11919   |   中国 云南 photo sign flag

141118   |   България Со́фия photo street night light human ghost car sign

22518   |   България Со́фия photo street building sign text wall painting

29816   |   photo architecture building sign New.York USA

8816   |   photo human light sign New.York USA


8416   |   photo ruin sign text Beograd Srbija

me irl

24915   | human man street sign life

secret area discovered, +10XP

9915   |   photo water fog mountain cloud geometry sign daily.shot Ålesund Norge

Dexter's Middleman: i want to buy this photo. how much?

Fu: 100NOK and the 300dpi .png is yours - no one else will ever possess it. A4 maximum. Or should I directly send a print? That'll take roughly two weeks to the mainland.

Dexter's Middleman: deal. if it's cool for you, i'll do the printing myself. all further via mail.

Fu: Midnight, behind the box. I'll be the hyena, you'll see …

1815   |   photo nature water waterfall river rock mountain plant tree forest sign Norge Jostedalsbreen

1815   |   photo comic sign rock Norge Bergen

We've had a couchsurfing guest from Switzerland over for the weekend and drove to the nearby commune of Haram getting in touch with some locals. They've got remarkably short legs compared to the ones I know from Germany.

13615   |   photo sign hand electricity animal cow yellow Ålesund Norge

Some more '14 stuff from my beloved Praktica, no alteration whatsoever.

28315   |   photo stone sign Norge Ålesund

23215   |   photo sign comic human man woman water Norge Oslo

23215   |   photo sign text comic head Norge Oslo

23215   | painting human man beard glasses sign text Norge Oslo

from Touch of Evil

15115   |   movie black.white human man beard telephone sign text funny