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"I'm the ghost in the human shape"

John James Wild – Green-lipped Abalone, Haliotis laevigata, 1887

So vast the ocean
so rough the squall

Let us depart
and measure the tides
where the currents collide

Drown with me
a thousand fathoms deep
beneath ourselves

11020   |   text love drawing anatomy animal sea.creature

28917   |   gif TouchDesigner sea.creature jellyfish glitch rainbow

19617   |   photo animal sea.creature fish anatomy water

29816   |   photo wheatpaste animal chicken crab bird sea.creature New.York USA

Physalia Physalis

5216   |   illustration animal sea.creature

Nychos in NYC

9715   | graffiti wall surreal animal sea.creature whale anatomy New.York USA

At the Atlanterhavsparken.

131214   |   photo animal fish sea.creature Ålesund Norge

Ilya Repin - Sadko, 1876
Always wondered how that movie was called I saw when i was a kid.

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feels like Tekkon Kinkreet

281014   |   painting surreal human kid weapon animal sea.creature fish crocodile turtle


281014   | painting skull bone animal sea.creature octopus fish wall UK London

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21814   |   photo black.white animal sea.creature octopus

00Lampe & Friedart

9814   | wheatpaste drawing animal sea.creature whale seahorse Deutschland Leipzig

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