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"Glauben tun die Leute in der Kirche – und dann auch noch das Falsche."
Wilhelm Geick

I'm gonna miss the view from my office :O

141016   |   photo water sea mountain wave plant grass Norge Ålesund

20516   |   photo mountain snow cloud water sea Norge

20516   |   photo mountain water sea church boat city Tromsø Norge

20516   |   photo mountain snow sky cloud water sea city Tromsø Norge

27316   |   photo sky water sea mountain forest building house Norge

27316   |   photo nature water sea mountain forest building tower Norge

27316   |   photo nature water sea wave animal bird forest Norge

22815   |   gif animal dog human snow water sea snow photography

1815   |   photo city mountain sky cloud water sea island Norge Bergen

Finally managed to take the cozy chairlift up to the lille kubben. This crappy cell phone shot perfectly depicts the thirty minute weather cycle we've experienced the past what-feels-like-a-year from left to right.

13615   |   photo city weather cloud sky rain water mountain island sea Ålesund Norge

Can it be the Kraken?

30315   |   photo black.white sea water sky cloud Norge Ålesund

Went on a company outing for the very first time the other day, no catch though :/

29315   |   photo sea water wave boat mountain island flag Norge Ålesund

28315   |   photo sea water wave island mountain sky Norge Ålesund

During our guided tour through the opera we learned that Monica Bonvicini's sculpture She Lies weighs roughly 335 tons and is perfectly afloat so it's very much able to move and turn with the tides at some point exactly resembling Caspar David Friedrich's painting Das Eismeer. Neat.

26215   |   photo sculpture metal glass water sea Norge Oslo

in front of Oslo city hall

25215   |   photo sculpture metal human woman kid water sea ship Norge Oslo

I'm going to work next week! Three days of trial work on the isle of Giske and this will be my neighbour there.

23215   |   photo building house plant tree sky cloud snow water sea Norge Ålesund

Oslo waterfront with the prominent rådhus towers.

23215   |   photo city building water sea ship sky cloud Norge Oslo