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"here I'm allowed everything all of the time"

This is my completed setup. Never again will I have to plug or unplug a cable or switch in- and outputs. I can hear and record anything going on on every device at any given moment.
It's a dream. (You might've noticed that I still need a proper audio cable so I don't need to go from the MPCs phones output, but that's just cosmetics)

26116   |   photo instrument sampler SP-404 MPC1000 computer headphones Ableton.Live

Latest very sloppy Arena entry. Resample all the things!

23116   |   music beats sampler SP-404

First free beat using my six year old sample library. I'm not convinced, should probably be looking out for some new sources. At least I've got my little production niche going so I only need to hit the switch and everything is set to go.

19116   |   music beats sampler SP-404

My first beat with my new darling. This is an entry to the regular arena battle happening at the infamous SP-Forums. Rules go like this: Someone provides a sample source, everyone must use just that, chop it up in his SP sampler and come up with something dope.

14116   |   music beats sampler SP-404

Spiced it up a little :)

13116   |   photo instrument sampler pattern rainbow hand

Whoaaaa, I think I'm gonna crack! Got the notice in the mail today and tokyo-drifted right off to the post office faster than Tad Ghostal can kick you off his show. It's been more than three years without my fellow SP, so good to turn the knobs again. I'll go buckwild on this one, just you wait.

12116   |   photo instrument sampler hand

A year ago my man CRSSSPACE and I decided to each pick five tracks as sample sources and build ten completely new tracks only by utilizing those ten songs.
These are my results.

23915   |   music mixtape MPC1000 sampler electronic hip.hop

Hot damn, it's him again!! Don't sleep!

271114   |   music sampler download

181114   |   video music sampler electronic psychedelic wtf

Peep this, shit's deep like Alvin!

crssspace @ bandcamp

71014   |   music sampler download

I've had my sampler for over a year now and put some thirty beats together using nothing but the machine itself. These are my favourites distilled into half an hour. Sadly I don't know if this'll ever make it to actual tape, but I don't want it fading on my hard drive, either, so here you go.

download here

4914   |   music mixtape sampler MPC1000 hip.hop download

Frederick Austerlitz: gutes zeug. besonders chask und ussem. glaube ich. danke.

Fu: Oh, sehr gern geschehen. Chask ist auch mein Liebling.

Dope mashup of all sorts of songs. This is the stuff I wanna dance to.

16911   | sampler mashup

No one's rocking drum machines live like Jel, not possible. He's one of the main inspirations that had me buying a sampler myself. Thanks dude ;)

13411   | Anticon sampler