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"to call for hands of above to lean on wouldn't be good enough for me"
The Knife

These are the upper floors of the supposed Yongning Intenational Art Museum. Actually it's four floors of antique vendors, two mahogani furniture stores and a hotel. The museum is located in the basement – doors closed, lights out. This is the second museum/gallery I wanted to visit that is closed for no apparent reason. Two other ones housing contemporary art that I really wanted to see where temporarily shut due to maintenance or being relocated at the moment. Seesh …
Still a nice and prominent building, though.

19919   |   photo 中国 陝西 architecture building roof

After I arrived back from the Stone Forest and stepped off the Metro a thunderstorm hovered over the city and it began pouring cats and dogs. I was soaked to the bones within seconds and streams began running down the hilly streets of Kunming turning the last leg of the tour into a track and field run. Because my only pair of shoes turned to sponges and it rained the whole night through, I couldn't even go out to get some dinner. So I went down to the girls at the reception that don't speak a word of Engrish if I could order something to the hotel. They weren't into that idea for some reason, but could offer me a huge bucket of instant noodles from their own stash. Well, alright then :P

Today's weather was just about the same and the forecast says it's gonna continue that way all over South West China and even get worse. Guess I struck April in the City of Eternal Spring.

And writing of shoes … the guy from the skate shop told me I probably won't find any my size in the whole country.

10919   |   云南 中国 photo city building roof

View from my room. It's got almost the exact same layout as the one back in Chengdu with the thick carpet swapped for those fake ass vinyl boards I also got in my apartment and two single beds instead a queen sized one. The TV's got some sort of netflixy thing going through which I watched Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings. It's a Wuxia flick and I can't quite believe I haven't even heard of that series. If a blend of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Naruto with the production value of Marvel cinematics tickles your fancy you're in for a real treat!

8919   |   photo 中国 云南 city street building roof

I visited Wenshu Monastery this morning, the most important of the four most important (yeah, you read that right) Zen Buddhist monasteries. It's just a quick morning walk away from my HQ and really a magnificent place. Even with many visitors it's very tranquil as most of them go there to pray and for once it's not all about taking photos. Might as well be the reason that this day was the first without anyone asking to take a shot with me :O

3919   |   photo 中国 四川 architecture ring plant water chair stone roof

Spent the morning in lovely Huanhua Xi Park, it's so nice there that I might just go again! The serene bamboo groves, lots of waterways, pagodas and other places to just sit back and relax are so soothing by themselves, I don't really get why they have to run cheesy background music through speakers masqueraded as small rocks everywhere. And sprinkled in between all of that there's a couple of tea houses filled with mostly elderly folks audibly enjoying their games of Mahjong. I used to play it a lot when I was younger, but unfortunately can't quite remember the rules anymore.

2919   |   photo 中国 四川 architecture roof plant tree

141118   |   България Со́фия photo architecture church roof stone wall

141118   |   България Со́фия photo architecture wall roof stone

10618   |   България Со́фия photo building house roof plant tree

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

21518   |   България Со́фия photo architecture church religion gold roof sky

21518   |   България Со́фия photo church religion architecture building roof gold

19817   |   photo architecture building church roof plant tree Αθήνα ελληνικά

19817   |   photo city building roof human graffiti Αθήνα ελληνικά

19817   |   photo city architecture building mountain sky cloud roof Αθήνα ελληνικά

19817   |   photo architecture building church roof cross light Αθήνα ελληνικά

19817   |   photo city building roof light Αθήνα ελληνικά

29816   |   photo architecture building roof New.York USA

11816   |   photo architecture roof window New.York USA