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"What can be said at all can be said clearly, and what we cannot talk about we must pass over in silence."
Ludwig Wittgenstein

Today was my only full day to spend in the province of Guizhou and I was kinda torn between visiting a vast cave system only accessible by boat and exploring the city's house-mountain plus visiting wetlands outside the city. Found out that the tickets for the morning trains to the cave were all sold so I hopped on the buses down to the Huan Xi Wetlands.
That was an extraordinary trip, people were already packt like sardines as I had to stand next to the driver when even more folks and a woman with a large basket full of peppers cramped in, because why not? It took some 90 minutes, mostly because we drove along a neverending construction site of a highway, which in harsh reality meant that we were trucking over impromptu, makeshift lanes sometimes climbing the sidewalks and whatever most-horizontal planes. I can't image forgetting about that when I get the urge to complain about road conditions anywhere.

The river and lakes of the park were such a welcome relief, also because the weather was incredibly good. No stairs to climb meant I had a full afternoon just strolling from islet to islet, taking in the sweet sunhine, enjoying the flora and my rockstardom. Well, that's really how it kinda feels like being asked for fotographs every now and then anyways (8 Especially when I let my hair down people just can't help but have their attention diverted. No 15 minutes go by without someone going:"Harro!" and they flip just when I respond and wave:"Hallo!" :D And today it's even been people of all ages and even from passing motorcycles or the other side of the street.
Enough allures, the area was amazing and astonishingly featured spots where one could sit in near silence and just relax and that's the very first time I experienced that over here.

13919   |   photo 中国 贵州 water river mountain forest human umbrella

Took the panoramic elevator up the West Pearl Tower, at 339m the tallest in Western China. Surprisingly the top floor sports VR- and AR-arcade setups, because what else would you do up there, right?

2919   |   architecture city 四川 中国 photo building river fog

21518   |   България Со́фия photo nature animal horse plant tree forest river

behold the Trollstigen

19916   |   photo nature mountain rock street water river Norge

29816   |   photo water river boat statue crane New.York USA

Midtown Manhattan as seen from New Jerseys shore of the Hudson

7816   |   photo architecture building tower water river boat city New.York USA

11516   |   photo city water river bridge Beograd Srbija

9416   |   photo city building tower water river boat Beograd Srbija

This is where the rivers Sava (front) and Danube (back) merge.

8416   |   photo water river plant forest fog boat Beograd Srbija

the monolithic blocks of Novi Beograd being swallowed by the prevailing fog as viewed from Kalemegdan fortress

8416   |   photo water river plant forest fog Beograd Srbija

Three bridges spanning the river Sava thereby connecting Novi Beograd with the city proper.

8416   |   photo river bridge fog Beograd Srbija

the sun was so intense I found it hard to get a good shot of this nice view

27316   |   photo nature sky cloud snow water river forest plant tree mountain Norge

strode through thigh deep half-frozen snow to get to the riverbank

27316   |   photo nature water river ice snow mountain plant tree forest Sverige

27316   |   photo nature water river ice snow mountain forest sky cloud building house Sverige

behind a dam

24316   |   photo forest water river Sverige

Found some photos from our trip to Trollstigen last year I forgot to upload.

8116   |   photo mountain nature rock plant tree grass water river Trollstigen Norge

8116   |   photo mountain nature rock plant moss grass water lake river cloud Trollstigen Norge