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"Hardcore will never die, but you will"

Please delete your Facebook and Spotify accounts. I know being used and spoonfed never goes out of style, but we're way past the point when shit got real nasty.
And avoid ordering everything and a dog from Amazon, while we're at it.

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Spent the past five days reformatting and reinstalling my OSs for the sake of updating Mint. Learned there's two ways to boot into a Linux supporting UEFI determining the ability to boot into existing installations. The hard way. A big "And what's your right to live, anyway?" to OSX for being such a unreasonable dick about every single USB device we own.
At least nothing went missing for once and I rock a freshly trimmed dual boot.

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xkcd. There's no denying it.

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C.M. Coolidge

Seriously, what kind of game is Poker supposed to be? I highly doubt it even is a game for I can sense readymade, polished apeshit in a suitcase. Never again.

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My mom just told me she basically married a couple of weeks ago. Guess I should thank her for not celebrating big way. I don't even ...

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This is a short intermezzo pointing the finger to every band/artist out there that truly disappointed me by turning into a weaker, watered down, shallower, easier, blander, artificial, reproducing or generally a lot lamer version of themselves. A friend of mine and me once came up with the idea to shove them all into the huge Asylum Of Letting Down Douches. Shame on you!

Keep in mind that all of these released at least one extremely awesome record, that I still worship, at one point to have made it on this list.

Absolute Beginner
Coheed And Cambria
Crippled Black Phoenix
Cypress Hill
Jethro Tull
Jimmy Eat World
Killswitch Engage
Kings Of Leon
Samy Deluxe
System Of A Down
The Streets
Wu-Tang Clan

What the fuck happened, guys?

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rwos: The most extreme example I can think of is Jefferson Airplane who somehow managed to go from the absolute heights of Surrealistic Pillow to the absolute lows of "We built this city on rock and roll" in just over 20 years. Also, it's pretty hard to think of counter-examples - at least if one ignores those who just stand still (Pearl Jam anybody?) or stopped existing altogether (Cream, Hendrix). I've yet to see a development like e.g. Picasso's in the realms of popular music. Sad, really.

Fu: It's very hard to think of artists who've just gotten better over time, indeed. Really seems like the best ones just knew when to stop.

DonK: I think every blur record was better than the last. And I don't think that Tool ever disappointed. The most extreme example I can think of is Incubus. S.C.I.E.N.C.E. was an 11/10, while the new one is truly awful.

Fu: Yeah I can't understand Incubus on that. They've become the complete antithesis of everything they stood for in their better days.

Tool's probably the best artist on that list. It's just that I don't like their latest album at all. Two or three good tracks but to my ears even those are torn to pieces by everything they released before. And somehow I fear their next one won't be any better. I'll take them off the list if they show some edginess again, though :)

I kinda agree on Blur and I think Explosions In The Sky got better and better with each release as well.