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"speak your mind - even if your voice shakes"
Maggie Kuhn

This is my hand. I can turn it. The blood is still running in it.
The sun is still in the sky and the wind is blowing.

Antonius Block

181019   |   photo Sverige Stockholm death wall painting

it's Neckface!!

15816   |   photo graffiti head New.York USA


26915   |   photo window daily.shot

19617   |   photo animal sea.creature fish anatomy water

3515   |   photo nature rock plant Norge Ålesund

Part of the park is dedicated to Du Fu, one of China's most well respected poets on par with Li Bai. The thatched cottage he dwelled in and several pagodas have been reconstructed after originals dating from the Tang to Qing dynasties.

2919   |   photo 中国 四川 architecture building pagoda plant tree water

231114   |   music.visualization abstract nature ice water macro

Dope mashup of all sorts of songs. This is the stuff I wanna dance to.

16911   | sampler mashup

151215   |   gif animal cat drawing funny book skateboard sports

71215   |   gif black.white night moon stars sky


26915   |   photo light daily.shot

Looking for a way in

Salvador Sanz - Nocturno

151018   |   black.white comic human woman labyrinth light bed

241116   | Processing black.white

18115   |   photo sculpture metal woman Wrocław Polska

19115   |   photo sculpture metal human street Wrocław Polska

Christoph Bader - Schichten

2415   |   sculpture pattern

23316   |   photo plant ice mountain snow Oppland Norge