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"I bounce off walls, lose my footing and fall, can be sweet though, incomplete though, and the frames will freeze"
Massive Attack

A week since I came back home and only now I begin to find the time to relax a bit. Brought home a thousand and a hundred short videos and I'm starting to filter and process all that stuff. I'd really like to cut a video from that material but I'll have to come up with a decent workflow to intertwine the pics with the moving stuff first. Besides that I'm trying to get into developing applications for my Android phone and I still have the idea of recording an EP somewhere in the back of my head. Need more time - as usual.

P.S.: Found ot that Umlauts don't work in the comments :( I'll probably fix that tomorrow. And that reminds of my plan to implement comments for the news as well...

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Alpha uno compute.
Motor mouth askew at the root.
Brick house, huff, blew the roof.
Please don't feed the bazooka tooth, evolution super fluke...

Aesop Rock

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rwos: Oh, that's a rap song. Somehow, I expected it to be like Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues" instead. Nice lyrics, though.

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Three days off, fuck yeah!

Downside: the internship abroad thing didn't work out in the end. Some douche in my company suddenly thinks it's not worth paying my loan for the time I'm not here, working. As if I was some irreplacable high profile employee and it made any big difference if I wasn't there for some weeks. Pff.

Back to the more positive things. Unfortunately the 54th International Leipzig Festival For Documentary And Animated Film is already over again but I got to see some great stuff and have a huge list of films I can watch over the course of the next weeks.

I'll be taking the train home for the weekend to celebrate my grandpa's eightysomethingth birthday. Nice food ahead :) Until then I'll try my best to put my seldom seen free time to good use and finish my Android game - it's a kind of Asteroids rip-off - and come up with some new Processing stuff.

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rwos: Testing department speaking: the main links look fine now, but there's still a (possibly unintentional) linebreak between "random" and "posts" in the sidebar. Additionally, from a user interface perspective, you should add a favicon and link the logo at the top to the frontpage. Oh, and there's a stray field ("email") without a label in the comment form. Other than that - good work! :) Really looking forward to that android app!

Fu: Uh oh, thanks for the advice. In fact, I linked the header image once but it overlaps with the menu div and that felt a bit awkward :S And damn, why does the mail field show up again? That's supposed to keep the spambots away and wasn't visible until now. Argh. I'm gonna look into all that. Soon. :)

Fu: All fixed, that's what I get for updating the stylesheets from two different PCs -.-

rwos: verified fixed - can go live now! :)

Incredibly convincing music video for Memory Tapes' song 'yes I know' directed by Eric Epstein and produced by m ss ng p eces. Don't ask me how they did this.

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… around me
sharing this moment with me

Dax Riders - people

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That tower I wrote about earlier.

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vente på meg!

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