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"you give me hell but I'll make it, I've still got one good eye"

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We've had a couchsurfing guest from Switzerland over for the weekend and drove to the nearby commune of Haram getting in touch with some locals. They've got remarkably short legs compared to the ones I know from Germany.

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2014 right here
Gero Doll

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still waiting in Aker Brygge

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And this is the very first track I produced with said setup.

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Not you, too, Helmut :( Rest easy, old pal.

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Bruce Riley goes hard in the motherfucking resin.

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I'm taking part in the Musikkprisen run by a colleague of mine. It's a nation wide competition featuring some 150 artists.
Here's my entry.

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Oslo Opera. Everywhere you look is a minute quasar.

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A little something I made at the peacock-inspired Kunming Railway Station this morning. Had to get up real early and take a taxi, because the first subway train wouldn't run before 6:40.

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