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"you're more likely to learn something 'new' by someone who doesn't know anything as opposed to someone who has been doing it their whole life"
Richard D. James

7118   | TouchDesigner glitch rainbow

Look whom I've met today!

13919   |   photo 中国 贵州 animal monkey plant tree branch

EXODUS by Peder Norrby

171015   |   video music 3D space geometry triangle

19115   |   photo building ruin Wrocław Polska

171214   |   photo black.white sculpture head

9416   |   photo city street Beograd Srbija

5814   |   photo human man smoke weapon beard feather

15916   |   music beats SP-404

1815   |   photo wheatpaste human baby horns red Norge Bergen

18516   |   photo mountain sky cloud light plant tree water lake Lofoten Norge

These streets will make you feel brand new

141116   |   gif TouchDesigner glitch rainbow

it works!

24815   |   photo abstract wave

17516   |   photo graffiti text water island wall Lofoten Norge

18515   |   Processing black.white noise geometry circle

9816   |   photo architecture building wall window glass New.York USA

1815   |   photo graffiti animal bird surreal Aarhus Danmark

Earth's moon in true color as shot by the Chinese rover Yutu

30116   |   photo space moon rock sand