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"I bounce off walls, lose my footing and fall, can be sweet though, incomplete though, and the frames will freeze"
Massive Attack

王瑞琳 - 迷·藏-城
This comforts me right now.

141218   |   sculpture human man warrior beard

the great bear sighs

28215   |   black.white dark geometry circle

7816   |   photo wall geometry rectangle grid Norge

barcode project, Oslo, as of early 2015

26215   |   photo architecture building pattern grid geometry rectangle city Norge Oslo

A member of the fire tribe. Can't seem to find out who did these.

23215   |   photo sculpture wood head hair Norge Oslo

the cleansing

27316   |   photo water Norge

11816   |   photo architecture roof window New.York USA

221014   |   Processing black.white pattern

19616   |   music beats electronic Ableton.Live

Jean-Francois Auburtin - The Echo, 1911

3216   |   painting black.white human mythology hair rock animal bird

1914   |   photo black.white human man jump wall stunt

2415   |   photo tattoo human white pattern geometry

So this is what a massive chunk of ice in permafrost looks like :O Shot by Dave Fox on Herschel Island, Canada in 2010.

281119   |   photo nature ice earth

61112   |  

steady as we burn

17920   |   photo flower love

201214   |   gif drawing black.white abstract animal fish

8816   |   photo alien wall New.York USA