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"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself."
Friedrich Nietzsche

Something to soothe the passing storm.

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I'm putting up some pictures from my trip to Wrocław from autumn 2013. Don't even know why I haven't done so until now.

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Max Brödel

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After a very pleasant flight with a short layover in Schipohl (remarkably organized and quiet for its size) I arrived at the Nikola Tesla Airport next to Belgrade this afternoon. I'm here to chew gum and attend the Resonate festival. The festival will kickoff with a workshop on Tuesday so I've got some time to make myself familiar with the surroundings so to say.

My first impressions were that of a trip back in time, the bus took me through several Plattenbau neighbourhoods, nothing looked post-2000, camouflage wear hasn't gone out of style. From what I've read about the hastily built part of town called Novi Beograd that houses some 200.000 people everything west of the Sava must look like this. Got off the bus to walk to my home-on-time in the center and suffered some severe Budapest-flashbacks: No public money to keep a single façade intact and Roma folks making their home on plazas and parks. But then I found that there's lots more greenery around here, the terrain is hilly and all the small streets and alleys seema bit more inviting. It rained a bit earlier today and it's considerably warm (23 fucking °C, I need new clothes!) so there was fog rising everywhere which spoiled all the views (and therefore photos, see beneath). I also got tired early, because I got up at 5 so I just kept to taking a walk around the city center and exploring the old Kalemegdan fortress for today. So far I really like Belgrade, I'm super curious what else it has in stock for me. One thing's already for sure, though:


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Wake, eat, chill, bake, chill, eat, siesta, chill, bake, chill, sleep. 8D

Met Jorge, a local, in the park yesterday. He told me that the only german artists he knows are Die Fantastischen Vier and he really likes them :S Later on I left El Habitat (that's how I call the park ;) ) and went for a walk through the nightly Madrid. Most people probably hung out in the typical nightlife quarters at that time so there wasn't that much action on the streets in my part of the city. Still a rewarding excourse.

Now that I'm wide awake again I'll grab a bite and check out the moorish gardens and the northern barrios of the city.

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Street scene near my hotel. Typical Sichuan weather so far, 80% overcast, 15% rain. Was asleep during the remaining 72 minutes, caught up on what I missed during the flight.

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it's Neckface!!

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the wind through the key hole

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the worms come out to see what's up

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William-Adolphe Bouguereau - Égalité devant la mort, 1848

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New Soulwax Essential is out, peep it!

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