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"I keep planets in orbit"
Ol' Dirty Bastard

Enrico Della Torre – Composizione, 1986

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There I go surprising myself.

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Let's talk history. As you well know the best way to get to know about the most important figures in the history and culture of a country is through the money bills. Here's a roundup.

At this point I must mention that people around here generally don't like being paid in cash and most of the times don't even have suitable change on hand. Mind you, 100RMB equals roughly 13€ and it's the single largest bill they got. Shit, I've had singular legal tender a hundred times worth that amount in my hands elsewhere and could expect an exchange whithin reason. When gambling people have to come to the table with bundles of these. In some places other people even had to help me out with their WeChat, cause it was impossible to pay with cash to begin with. Thanks folks!

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 Katsushika Hokusai - Chickens and Asiatic Dayflowers, 1832

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was in the mood for some collaging yesterday

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Can't remember the name of the exhibition but it was surprisingly good. This was installed so it right out divided a kind of alleyway.

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Lots and lots of street art going on over there.

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Check this out. In 2017 Norway's about to issue its official documents in an overhauled minimalistic design. Pictured above are the back of the 100 kroner bill (by Snøhetta and the new passports – white for immigrants, blueish for diplomats (by Neue). Under ultraviolet light the pages reveal their auroraesque innards.

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By Steven Briand. What an amazing idea!

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