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"A traveller without knowledge is a bird without wings"
Muslih Al-Din Sa'di

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Friends of my boss run a business of building exhibitions and installations and such and they were looking for someone with experience in projection mapping. So I went over to their workspace for a meet and chat and what they planned sounded very intriguing and exciting. I was to be borrowed to their company for some months and build a tool for projection mapping cause they didn't want to rely on licensed software and be able to design and extend it to their needs. A couple of days later, though, my boss got a call and one of their guys told him that they're gonna try and build the tool themselves now :/ I spent the days at work preparing and bulding an alpha version supporting a possible std::numeric_limits::max() number of warpable layers and maskable videos.

TLDR: Behold Orthes - my very own mapping tool

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New visualization with bonus sloppy keyboard handling.

music by Rekorder

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That sound is six years old by now.

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Thanks to Ashima, Kamen Dimitrov and Iñigo Quílez I managed to weave Perlin into my shaders finally enabling me to run this stuff in frrreaking realtime!
Only properly works in full HD.

The music stems from a demo by me.

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Dave: got totally hypnotized. WANT more of it!!!!

Fu: You asked for it, you'll get it! (:

My latest fully automated music visualization. All coded in openFrameworks.

Music by Kelpe

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I wrote a neat demo in C++ with OpenFrameworks taking care of the nasty OpenGL stuff in the background. It's pretty similar to Processing but since this isn't Java I can't simply embed it into a website anymore. So I just captured a minute of the outcome and took it to Vimeo. HD available. Enjoy.

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