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"You were only given two hands. You simply cannot hold on to the past, the future, and the present. Choose wisely."
The Whiskey Writer

Maestro Del Papagayo – La Muerte De Lucrecia (detail), 1501

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Sascha Schneider – Hypnose, 1904

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William-Adolphe Bouguereau - Égalité devant la mort, 1848

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Hans Makart - The Death of Cleopatra, 1875

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Sometimes the installation really "[...] reeks of Nazi mentality"

Pola Gauguin

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Gustav Vigeland erected this monstrous monolith (i.e. made out of one single stone!) at the end of his vast installation in Oslo's Frogner Park.

... and then you die

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Oslo's city hall is plastered with all sorts of paintings illustrating folk tales and historical events alike. This one's decorating the wall of the great hall where the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded every year.

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J.R. Witzel

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Rebecca Guay - Time and Chance

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Antoine Calbet - Le Satyre et la Nymphe Nemausa

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I think I'll follow my heart
It's a very good place to start

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