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"I get bored, a wish for a real one"

Why the hell am I so awfully sleepy all day? I got stuff to do …

Boris Eldagsen – Poem #98, 2013

41119   |   photo nature plant flower night moon

I so adore roaming these cities at night and immerse myself in the xenon sea, especially right after it stopped raining.

18919   |   photo 中国 陝西 city street night light

Can't sleep.

13919   |   photo 中国 贵州 city building night light

141118   |   България Со́фия photo architecture church night

141118   |   България Со́фия photo street night light human ghost car sign

141016   |   photo black.white night space moon

fucking Times Square

12816   |   photo architecture building night light human city street New.York USA

11816   |   photo architecture building night light window Boston USA

messed up the order of my pics a bit, have some Boston

11816   |   photo architecture building night human light sky cloud Boston USA

The awesome view from our apartment's terrace.

8816   |   photo architecture city night light New.York USA

Yay, first time in Norway!

6316   |   photo night sky light Ålesund Norge

Nonkeen - Chasing God Through Palmyra

What a ride!

5216   | video music electronic train travel psychedelic light dark night human man

Utagawa Hiroshige - New Year's Eve Foxfires at the Changing Tree, 1857

3216   |   painting mythology plant tree fire text night

stage background from the classic NeoGeo fighting game Garou - Mark of the Wolves

30116   |   game night light city street car

71215   |   gif black.white night moon stars sky


27915   |   gif black.white dark night blur bokeh black.white moon daily.shot


24915   |   daily.shot long.exposure light blur night photo