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"life is a waterfall, we're one in the river and one again after the fall"
System Of A Down

Now this is some proper 2020 shit:

30120   |   music video electronic city human woman 3D

Aw shit, Rocky dropped another killer vid just half an hour ago. Directed by James Mackel.

301118   | music video hip.hop rap beats human man woman weapon gun police city car

Holy fuck. Anyone claiming the planet's turning to dust on us can go lick Donald's fuzzy armpits, Tobacco and Aesop Rock are doing a full album together!! Mother Earth revolves to give another day!

201118   | music video hip.hop beats comic head wtf

Collab of the year finally got blessed with a video. Classic Club Hel vibe, better act like you know it.

31118   | music video hip.hop rap beats human man woman city clothes street car dance smoke weed

Produced this music video for the fifth installment of the Urbanale film festival in Berlin.

231018   | music video electronic beats TouchDesigner 3D

New Howie Lee out, time for waking up again

25618   |   music video electronic 3D human money abstract surreal

Yllis - 

20617   |   music electronic video 3D city street car flight wtf


23616   |   video music beats hip.hop rap psychedelic human man head

Nonkeen - Chasing God Through Palmyra

What a ride!

5216   | video music electronic train travel psychedelic light dark night human man

me irl

24915   | human man street sign life

Felt the urge to make a video for this track by my man CRSSSPACE. Footage was captured on the roads of Norway, Sweden and Denmark last week.

21715   | video music electronic hip.hop psychedelic rainbow road Norge Sverige Danmark TouchDesigner

Tharr - Ged

15215   | black.white TouchDesigner noise

New visualization with bonus sloppy keyboard handling.

music by Rekorder

91214   |   video 3D geometry circle rectangle openFrameworks

That sound is six years old by now.

261114   |   video black.white 3D noise openFrameworks

Thanks to Ashima, Kamen Dimitrov and Iñigo Quílez I managed to weave Perlin into my shaders finally enabling me to run this stuff in frrreaking realtime!
Only properly works in full HD.

The music stems from a demo by me.

241114   |   video black.white noise openFrameworks

Dave: got totally hypnotized. WANT more of it!!!!

Fu: You asked for it, you'll get it! (:

I slept on this for far too long. And so did you.

23114   | video music electronic animation human man head surreal wtf smoke blood animal insect fly skull horns death dark beard snake eye brain hand

What a year, I encountered so much goodness there's no way '14 could compete: the most awesome girl in the world, Arvo the cat, new very own appartment, work, no work, MPC 1000, Wrocław, Budapest, summer and an endless list of good music. To sum all that up here's my favourite records of 2013:

III. Boards Of Canda - Tomorrow's Harvest
Finally! Looking back to their catalogue I didn't really expect anything surprising and if you break it down to the core there's nothing really new going on here. Slow paced beats and moody synths always sat at the heart of nearly every BoC track. But what makes this album so ingenious to me is the way my second-favourite Scottish band constructed a seemingly effortless journey to the depths of what's possible with modern day equipment. It's not just a bunch of nice tunes you can listen to whenever you feel like daydreaming but rather a solidified arrangement that builds to a perfectly round piece - that sum of all parts-thing I'm looking for in an album.

II. Baths - Obsidian
Whoawow, what a cover! I always liked Baths for his unique way of taking sloppy beats, neatly wrapping them in the awkward samples and sealing it off with his remarkable voice. But what makes Obsidian this good and far better than his debut is this thick atmosphere oozing from its seams. This record isn't just for our entertainment, it has meaning written all over every single sine wave and aims straight for the heart. Big up!

I might walk upright
but then again
I still might try to die

where is God when you hate him most
when the mouths in the earth come to bite at my robes
hell that sits below, of you would do well to bellow
at the cold, the lifeless, the worsening souls

I. Shigeto - No Better Time Than Now
What we've got here is nothing less than the biggest leap from regular beat-smith to master-of-soundforging I witnessed for a long time. After listening to a few of his EPs I didn't expect Shigeto to be able to come up with something this homogenic and deep. No Better Time Than Now forces you into its realm right away, you can't just leave it on its own. While some tracks do remind me of certain fellow producers there's still this feeling running through these 52 minutes like a thread I fell in love with. I can't seem to grow tired of it hitting Play over and over and over again, it's simply nothing short of awesome.

Track Of The Year 2013

Flatbush Zombies - Death

Charismatic, high as can get, innovative. The album isn't really awesome, this particular song (and video) is.

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