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"God's in a coma, when he wakes up you're gone"

Josiah McElheny - Modernity circa 1952, Mirrored and Reflected Infinitely, 2004
We were a bit underwhelmed after our visit at the MoMA, but this is one of the exhibitions that really stood out and captivated us.

11816   |   photo sculpture glass mirror New.York USA

8816   |   photo architecture building wall glass mirror New.York USA

Biding time at Gardermoen

16116   |   photo glass mirror car Norge


22915   |   daily.shot photo human hand camera mirror

the worms come out to see what's up

4915   |   photo water weather rain mirror Ålesund Norge

9715   |   gif human man blood hand mirror

26215   |   photo psychedelic mirror metal Norge Oslo