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"cold silence has a tendency to atrophy any sense of compassion"

26215   |   photo wheatpaste comic human woman man metal rust text Norge Oslo

still waiting in Aker Brygge

26215   |   photo pattern rectangle metal Norge Oslo

waiting in Aker Brygge

26215   |   photo pattern grid rectangle metal Norge Oslo

26215   |   photo psychedelic mirror metal Norge Oslo

During our guided tour through the opera we learned that Monica Bonvicini's sculpture She Lies weighs roughly 335 tons and is perfectly afloat so it's very much able to move and turn with the tides at some point exactly resembling Caspar David Friedrich's painting Das Eismeer. Neat.

26215   |   photo sculpture metal glass water sea Norge Oslo

in front of Oslo city hall

25215   |   photo sculpture metal human woman kid water sea ship Norge Oslo

Spotted in a canal in Aker Brygge

25215   |   sculpture metal wood human water Norge Oslo

23215   |   photo architecture tower metal glass sky cloud Norge Oslo

19115   |   photo sculpture metal human street Wrocław Polska

18115   |   photo sculpture metal woman Wrocław Polska

18115   |   photo sculpture metal woman key Wrocław Polska

Not every dwarf in Wrocław is so easily spotted. We tried to track down all of them but only got to twenty-something. :/

18115   |   photo sculpture metal dwarf door Wrocław Polska

Detail of Most Zwierzyniecki, one of the supposedly hundred bridges of Wrocław.

18115   |   photo architecture bridge metal geometry triangle Wrocław Polska

The 96 metres tall Needle right next to the Centennial Hall.

18115   |   photo sculpture metal sky cloud plant tree Wrocław Polska

18115   |   photo black.white sculpture metal surreal animal horse leg human Wrocław Polska

I didn't get a decent photo of the Nidarosdomkirke so I'll make up for it with this one which I shot right across the street from there.

6115   |   photo sculpture metal animal wolf sheep death Trondheim Norge

131214   |   photo illustration relief mythology human beast dragon fire metal Molde Norge