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"here I'm allowed everything all of the time"

Lesley Vance – Untitled, 2017

All emotions are ablaze, all my colors they have grown and my gut's about to burst

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John James Wild – Green-lipped Abalone, Haliotis laevigata, 1887

So vast the ocean
so rough the squall

Let us depart
and measure the tides
where the currents collide

Drown with me
a thousand fathoms deep
beneath ourselves

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Blessed flamingo
feed me foreign,
entrance me with your call

Oh, how all the plants thrive

Lend me your compass,
guide me through to
invade your habitat

My lover,
I'm beginning to melt

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steady as we burn

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too fast for freedom

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Tried to figure out what he's supposed to be holding there, a crack bulb of some sort?

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Julius Kronberg - Romeo och Julia på balkongen, 1886

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Antoine Calbet - Le Satyre et la Nymphe Nemausa

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I've tried bending some images at work one time but it turned out to be a very tedious process if not done automated. Which gives me an idea ...

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say it
'cause today my heart swings

Interpol - the Heinrich Maneuver

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While three chambers of my heart beat true and strong with love for another
The fourth is yours forever

Elbow - this blue world

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