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"should I go back to sleep?"

Andreas Hildebrandt - Bass 2

5217   |   linocut black.white line pattern

311015   |   Processing black.white geometry line

21415   | black.white geometry line triangle rectangle TouchDesigner Cinema4D

binaura - Flow 2.0

20415   |   video music electronic blur line

18415   | black.white line

Yeah, there used to be a time when my Processing sketches had been directly embedded here. That is the case again from now on, and in a better fashion even.

Click to change this one up a bit.

27315   |   Processing black.white noise geometry line fractal

Astrid: ich sehe Spinnenbein. Oma Langbein.

Fu: /╲/\╭[ ☉ ﹏ ☉ ]╮/\╱\

10115   | black.white geometry line

"The sky is the limit" - Pah, und was ist mit der NASA?

Absolute Beginner - Füchse (feat. Samy Deluxe)

5814   |   photo sky cloud plant tree line Česko Krkonoše

5814   |   painting line