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"should I go back to sleep?"

Yesterday something peculiar happened while I was walking through the streets. An older woman with a very dark brown skin tone, maybe Tibetan,  and a colorful painted face walked down the sidewalk towards me. She had a grim look and just as we passed each other she touched my hand in an enforced way and sharply uttered something. It felt as if she tried to put a curse on me. Little did the fool know that I've been blessed multiple times in my life by some of the most powerful sources about, warding off simple parlor tricks like this and her amateur hex sprung right back at her.

No mere mortal can't put no fucking fear in my heart, better recognize that!

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Ich weiß nicht, wie es geht …

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new roses

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Jonathan Meese ist mein erzgeborener Zwillingst

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too fast for freedom

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Really now ..?
Rest easy, young fool

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I just went through my spam folder looking for some unrelated shit when I stumbled over an older Anticon. newsletter inviting me to commemorate the life of Alias. Had to search the web to find out he died of a heart attack three months ago.

I'm so thrown off the roof right now, this is too surreal. Fuck, Muted was amongst the four very first records I ever copped, I bought my very first samplers because this guy and Jel inspired me that much, I spent half of my waking life between 20 and 27 listening to his peerless beats, I don't even know where to begin ...

Rest easy, old pal, you're missed sorely.

Intake ambiance a tool for meditation
Progressing towards the clouds with at whom I am complete
Defeat the chains that restrain an eager sensation
Equal balance in and out, all inhibitions shall deplete
Alias - Watching Water

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M: uff.

I see the visions always whether or not I wear the crown. They tell me the secrets... the secrets of the ice and snow... that the power of the crown will save me with its frost.”
Simon Petrikov

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It seemed like a fairy tale on that day twelve  years ago when the remnants of two legendary great bands went on stage before me. It had poured the whole day and afternoon, but right as the first chords to Black Hole Sun where strung the clouds pried open just enough to let a bundle of rays through to enlight the stage and twenty thousand people. And just as the song was over everyone, struck in awe, embraced the returning rain.

Thank you, Chris Cornell, for that special moment and all the ones before.

And my youth I pray to keep.

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Spent the past five days reformatting and reinstalling my OSs for the sake of updating Mint. Learned there's two ways to boot into a Linux supporting UEFI determining the ability to boot into existing installations. The hard way. A big "And what's your right to live, anyway?" to OSX for being such a unreasonable dick about every single USB device we own.
At least nothing went missing for once and I rock a freshly trimmed dual boot.

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Dying together sucks a little less than dying alone.

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Big, exciting news: After I took notice of the event in 2013 only to find out it was already sold out at the time, had no money for a ticket in 2014 and no time in 2015 I'm finally going to attend Resonate in Belgrade! I'm gonna try and attend as many workshops as possible, learn countless new things and hopefully meet inspiring people. Oh boy it'll be awesome. And the very best thing about that: Since I'll be there for courses and creative coding my boss pays for the whole trip and already got me a ticket!! Guess I won't be in need for any other christmas presents this year (=

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This day marks one year of me living in Norway.

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Rest easy, old fool. Your obdurance will live through.

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