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"Time and Space … It is not nature which imposes them upon us, it is we who impose them upon nature because we find them convenient."
Henri Poincaré

111020   |   photo plant leaf

Today I went to the waterfront where Daguan Pavillion is located. To my surprise it turned out to be mixed in with a kind of amusement park. Lots of boat rides, costume vendors and the likes in between huge lotus lakes. I'm lucky to still hit the end of the flowering season, it's just so beautiful. And by the way: lotus root was one of my favourite parts of the hotel breakfast in Chengdu.

One of the pavillions held a lot of these wooden reliefs. Unfortunately Engrish information is mostly provided at the entrance of such rooms and rarely for individual pieces.

8919   |   photo 中国 云南 云南 me_irl wood relief human man beard animal bird cloud plant tree leaf flight

Paul Gabriel Liénard, ~1905

271118   |   jewellery leaf blossom pearl

Martin Johnson Heade - Passion Flowers and Hummingbirds, 1883

171217   |   painting nature plant tree forest flower branch leaf animal bird fog

151217   |   drawing black.white nature plant tree leaf light shadow

9416   |   photo plant flower leaf wall Beograd Srbija

211115   |   photo snow plant tree leaf forest Ålesund Norge


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23915   |   illustration surreal human woman nude crystal plant forest leaf


7915   |   photo nature plant fern leaf daily.shot Ålesund Norge

Fuck HDR, but dope piece. Budapest.

22815   | graffiti hand plant tree leaf mushroom wall human man Budapest Magyarország

1815   |   photo nature plant leaf water Sverige Göteborg

1815   |   photo plant tree palm leaf glass Sverige Göteborg

1815   |   photo plant tree palm leaf building glass Sverige Göteborg

I hated raking foilage just as much as trimming the grass but that one time me and my brother had some friends over and we managed to assemble a heap as large as this one, scaled the top of our two story tree house and dived right in. Fuck yeah, gardening!

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30515   |   photo plant leaf machine crystal

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