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"this train is moving but my heart is stationary"

Arnold Chang - Landscape, 2008

171217   |   painting black.white nature landscape mountain plant tree

Jian Chong Min

131017   |   painting landscape nature plant tree building house

61216   | collage surreal human rock landscape

Kevin Russ, Arizona

151215   |   photo nature landscape desert rock USA

31015   |   gif timelapse landscape nature cloud snow mountain forest

28315   |   photo nature landscape forest plant tree mountain sky cloud Norge Ålesund

"A path of sighs through the emotions of life."

A stunning piece of animation by Rino Stefano Tagliafierro

23114   |   video music painting animation human man woman Bouguereau landscape text animal nature baby kid plant bird

Paul Gauguin

20813   |   painting human woman animal fox bird landscape