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"You were only given two hands. You simply cannot hold on to the past, the future, and the present. Choose wisely."
The Whiskey Writer

Until that point the day has been full of unexpected surprises but there still were two more to come. Yesterday I read on a local city guide that a Norwegian Band called Sturle Dagsland were about to play and they were giving away two free tickets. So yeah, I won them! Awesome, would've gone anyway, cause they described the guys as a pretty excentric and unique mixture of all kinds of the-good-kind-of-weird shit and I'm always up for that.

So the other surprise was that it was impossible to locate the venue D:< After coming down from the Western Hills Park I actually took a taxi ride through the district where it was supposed to go down. They built smaller versions of the Eiffel Tower and other stuff around there and the venue was supposed to be in the Contemporary Gallery of Kunming. Was trying to spot that the other day for an exhibition already, but no map of mine had it. So I went into the vicinity an hour early, hired a moto rider to drive me there. Four lanes, only vehicle, tach maxed to 50km/h and of course: no helmet. (I don't think there are any, haven't seen a single solitary person wearing one now that I think of it). Cool ride anyhow. And of course Yours Truly, aka the Western Haggler Baron got a sweet "discount" again.

But no sign of the Arc de Triomphe or the gallery anywhere in sight. Asked a lot of people, policemen, security guards around to no avail. ): Really hope their music sucks, cause I feel that I've just missed out on a really great gig.

And now half of my journey is already behind me. It. Is. So. Unfathomable. Awesome. Over. Here. I'm having such a blast and I can't even believe I could do all of this one time over again, or what other experiences this country could have in store for me. My time in Yunnan got a bit slanted by the unusual, untimely rain, but nevertheless it's been tremendously great and beautiful around these parts. And I even got to accomplish Project Peacock way ahead of scheduled time. ;)

Tomorrow morning then I'll be boarding the bullet train up to Guiyang, capital of Guizhou. Watch me!

11919   |   中国 云南 photo city water lake sky cloud

Ivan Shishkin - Swamp, Marshy Woodlands, 1890

24118   |   painting nature animal bird water lake plant forest tree

19916   |   photo nature mountain rock water lake sky Norge

18516   |   photo mountain sky cloud snow road water lake building house Lofoten Norge

18516   |   photo mountain sky cloud plant tree grass water lake Lofoten Norge

18516   |   photo mountain snow fog plant tree water lake Lofoten Norge

18516   |   photo mountain sky cloud light plant tree water lake Lofoten Norge

29416   |   photo nature water wave lake boat mountain snow plant tree forest Norge

We went out for a trip to the town of Ørsta, some 90 minutes away to pay its famed second hand store* a visit and also got to fill up our vitamin D reservoirs along the way.

*What are the odds? They celebrated ther 10th anniversary today, 50% off everything! :D

29416   |   photo nature water lake mountain snow sky cloud plant tree Norge

24316   |   photo bridge lake ice plant tree mountain Sverige

Can't remember when was the last time I've walked upon a frozen lake or if I've ever even done so before.

24316   |   photo snow ice lake city house forest Östersund Sverige

Östersund's port to the Storsjön. I've also been to the other side and had a nice view of the city center (that's where I took this shot from) while I drove by but couldn't find a parking spot from where to grab a shot of it.

24316   |   photo snow ice lake city house mountain forest Östersund Sverige

8116   |   photo mountain nature rock plant moss grass water lake river cloud Trollstigen Norge

hausten kommer

15915   |   photo plant tree water lake wave mountain sky cloud daily.shot Ålesund Norge

1815   |   photo nature water lake rock Norge Jostedalsbreen

1815   |   photo water lake wood plant Deutschland

20115   |   photo water lake rock ice Ålesund Norge