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"Whoever tries to imagine perfection simply reveals his own emptiness."
George Orwell

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Empty Sky - New Jersey's 9/11 memorial listing the names of all the state's citizens that lost their lives in the attacks.

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23316   |   photo human kid stairs snow rock Norge

mh, usually works

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We went to see the Giskespelet today, a historical reenactment of a part of a Norwegian saga involving many battles before the country was united.
Today also happens to be the warmest day of the year so far, with temperatures exceeding 20C° and me getting a sunburn :0

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Adventure Time went beyond buckwild the last couple of days. Be strong, young lad!

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I hated raking foilage just as much as trimming the grass but that one time me and my brother had some friends over and we managed to assemble a heap as large as this one, scaled the top of our two story tree house and dived right in. Fuck yeah, gardening!

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C215 and Alice in Oslo. Plus someone who gave the pieces a new bloody touch.

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Sometimes the installation really "[...] reeks of Nazi mentality"

Pola Gauguin

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Gustav Vigeland erected this monstrous monolith (i.e. made out of one single stone!) at the end of his vast installation in Oslo's Frogner Park.

... and then you die

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in front of Oslo city hall

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Gianni Ranati, 1957

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