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"Denken tun die Pferde – der Mensch muss nachdenken."
Wilhelm Geick

Landsat image of Akpatok Island

I'm floating

15920   |   photo island water ice

17516   |   photo graffiti text water island wall Lofoten Norge

17516   |   photo nature mountain snow island boat water Vesterålen Norge

Just returned from a four-day trip to the far north, details tomorrow.

16516   |   photo mountain fog cloud building church water island Vesterålen Norge

the skerry Rauna, I think

18316   |   photo water ocean island Ålesund Norge

211115   |   photo snow island mountain sky cloud water Ålesund Norge


5915   |   photo water island mountain weather sky cloud daily.shot Ålesund Norge

DS.11, Giske

3915   |   photo water mountain island rock fog Ålesund Norge daily.shot

2915   |   photo mountain water forest island boat daily.shot Norge Ålesund

This weekend, man ... We bought the wrong colors for the linocuts so the prints would get stuck on the linoleum :| At least we got to see a fine movie named Nebraska yesterday.

And yeah, I can photograph clouds now.

29815   |   photo island mountain sky cloud water wave daily.shot Norge Ålesund

We went for a day trip to Trollstigen today, it was tremendously awesome.
I forgot to put the battery back into the camera after charging it at night D: So we're going return there some time soon.

Stepped out into the rain to get today's shot then.

28815   |   photo mountain island sky cloud water daily.shot Norge Ålesund

1815   |   photo city mountain sky cloud water sea island Norge Bergen

Finally managed to take the cozy chairlift up to the lille kubben. This crappy cell phone shot perfectly depicts the thirty minute weather cycle we've experienced the past what-feels-like-a-year from left to right.

13615   |   photo city weather cloud sky rain water mountain island sea Ålesund Norge

I can see our house from here!

30315   |   photo mountain forest plant tree sky water island city Norge Ålesund

Went on a company outing for the very first time the other day, no catch though :/

29315   |   photo sea water wave boat mountain island flag Norge Ålesund

28315   |   photo sea water wave island mountain sky Norge Ålesund

Last weekend our friend Ainis had some Couchsurfers over and invited us to join them on their trip to explore the island of Godøya. We've climbed up the hill some 400 metres and enjoyed the view in surprisingly fantastic weather.

20115   |   photo water sea island sky cloud rock snow Ålesund Norge