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"should I go back to sleep?"

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Did my live VJing debut yesterday, the jazz band Welten played around the corner and I got the opportunity to support them with my TouchDesigner visuals. The music let me improvise a lot and I had a lot of fun, more to come!

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This is my completed setup. Never again will I have to plug or unplug a cable or switch in- and outputs. I can hear and record anything going on on every device at any given moment.
It's a dream. (You might've noticed that I still need a proper audio cable so I don't need to go from the MPCs phones output, but that's just cosmetics)

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Spiced it up a little :)

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Whoaaaa, I think I'm gonna crack! Got the notice in the mail today and tokyo-drifted right off to the post office faster than Tad Ghostal can kick you off his show. It's been more than three years without my fellow SP, so good to turn the knobs again. I'll go buckwild on this one, just you wait.

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Injuvik x The Kois Session
good shit

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mh, thought this would turn out better

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entrance to Blå

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My mom just told me she basically married a couple of weeks ago. Guess I should thank her for not celebrating big way. I don't even ...

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El Guincho - Bombay

Yes, finally I stumbled over this video again! I can't quite put my finger on it but there's something about this video/song combination that fascinates me beyond reason.

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Elektro Guzzi - Pentagiona

One of the best acts I've seen at Iceland Airwaves.

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