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"laugh and the world laughs with you
weep, and you weep alone"
Ella Wheeler Wilcox

24518   |   България Со́фия photo animal insect death metal rust

Katydid nymph by Itchydogimages

271116   |   nature animal insect macro

Tried to figure out what he's supposed to be holding there, a crack bulb of some sort?

29816   |   photo graffiti head skull love hand animal insect wall New.York USA

3516   |   collage animal insect octopus heart flower

pattern walks to the moon tonight and …

61115   |   photo animal insect

26815   |   photo animal insect macro daily.shot Norge Ålesund

22815   |   illustration black.white animal insect wing moon geometry symbol dark

1715   |   photo black.white animal insect butterfly hand

After several attempts to whop the site onto a new framework I decided was forced to keep it at simply restructuring the old one and polish it up a tad bit. Hope you find your way around.

25315   |   gif black.white wtf drawing animal insect head

Assembled by Damien Hirst, hanging in Astrup Fearnly Museet, Oslo. They also had his fantastic works God Alone Knows and Mother And Child Divided.

25215   |   sculpture animal butterfly rainbow geometry circle pattern death Norge Oslo insect

the fuck is happening here!?

25215   |   photo painting wtf fight human man animal insect weapon death Norge Oslo

Spotted him in the Japanese Garden.

18115   |   photo sculpture animal insect plant Wrocław Polska

10115   |   painting skull plant flower animal insect head human man woman

こみやま たかし a.k.a. Hermippe is not only a gifing pixel artist rocking a distinct fureturo style but also a circuit bender.

10115   |   gif animal insect wing

Completed The Witcher 2, good and beautiful game.

7115   |   game human man wizard animal insect eye

171214   |   painting insect butterfly pattern wing orange animal

5814   |   photo plant flower rock animal insect ant Česko Krkonoše