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"To doubt everything or to believe everything are two equally convenient solutions; both dispense with the necessity of reflection."
Henri Poincaré

Landsat image of Akpatok Island

I'm floating

15920   |   photo island water ice

If you're in for a meta adventure of the coming generation of animation you want to give The Midnight Gospel a shot! It's beyond touching the beyond.

21520   |   comic hand surreal ice jewellery

So this is what a massive chunk of ice in permafrost looks like :O Shot by Dave Fox on Herschel Island, Canada in 2010.

281119   |   photo nature ice earth

Enceladus shot by Cassini-Huygens

9916   |   photo space moon ice

20516   |   photo nature animal deer snow ice Lofoten Norge

27316   |   photo nature sky ice snow mountain forest building house Norge

strode through thigh deep half-frozen snow to get to the riverbank

27316   |   photo nature water river ice snow mountain plant tree forest Sverige

27316   |   photo nature water river ice snow mountain forest sky cloud building house Sverige

27316   |   photo nature ice snow mountain forest sky cloud Sverige

Skuleskogen National Park

24316   |   photo ice plant tree forest rock Sverige

24316   |   photo bridge lake ice plant tree mountain Sverige

Can't remember when was the last time I've walked upon a frozen lake or if I've ever even done so before.

24316   |   photo snow ice lake city house forest Östersund Sverige

Östersund's port to the Storsjön. I've also been to the other side and had a nice view of the city center (that's where I took this shot from) while I drove by but couldn't find a parking spot from where to grab a shot of it.

24316   |   photo snow ice lake city house mountain forest Östersund Sverige

23316   |   photo plant ice mountain snow Oppland Norge

23316   |   photo house plant tree snow ice Oppland Norge

1815   |   photo nature human ice glacier rock mountain Norge Jostedalsbreen

Dexter Albright: man!

1815   |   photo nature ice glacier rock mountain plant tree forest Norge Jostedalsbreen