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"don't you forget that in your fairy tale I'm the wolf"
The Dillinger Escape Plan

15816   |   photo wheatpaste comic head horns New.York USA

Swampy keepin' at it

15816   |   photo graffiti skull horns New.York USA

The infamous Swampy

15816   |   photo graffiti skull horns street car city New.York USA

1815   |   photo wheatpaste human man head horns text Norge Bergen

1815   |   photo wheatpaste human baby horns red Norge Bergen

1815   |   photo wheatpaste graffiti text animal goat horns Aarhus Danmark

all caught up in the maelstrom again

19715   |   gif circle painting human woman head demon horns age life spiral

a majestic markhor goat

15615   |   photo black.white animal goat horns hair

171214   |   painting surreal dark demon hand horns clothes feather

281014   |   painting surreal human kid monster horns

blame Δαίδαλος

30814   |   comic black.white mythology beast horns human woman sex

13814   |   painting mythology animal deer horns circle cloud mountain gold

23213   |   painting dark woman blood light horns

Louis Le Brocquy - Garlanded Goat, 1950, Aubusson tapestry


26714   |   fabric surreal animal horns leaf

I slept on this for far too long. And so did you.

23114   | video music electronic animation human man head surreal wtf smoke blood animal insect fly skull horns death dark beard snake eye brain hand