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"Denken tun die Pferde – der Mensch muss nachdenken."
Wilhelm Geick

Peter Solarz – Inside Out

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Kristen Liu – The Sensual Arrangement

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Vlada Ralko – Sleeping Boy, 2003

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Today I fell asleep on my couch and dreamt about falling asleep on my couch.

Liu Xiaoping – Li Ying, Wealth Star, 2004

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So this GIF that I posted years ago, way back before 90% of my content got lost, actually stems from the Mononoke series I'm watching now. I'm baffled.
These days so many circles are coming to a close and opening for me, shit's becoming almost too unreal.

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Bronze sculpture from the Western Han dynasty at the Chengdu Museum. This boy is about 2000 years old. There's an awful lot to see there, couldn't even cover all floors in one session.

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Cesar Martinez - Unchained
for Vancity and Fortune Sound Club

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On some throwback home cinema today, Ninja Scroll still shakes tombs

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Holy fuck. Anyone claiming the planet's turning to dust on us can go lick Donald's fuzzy armpits, Tobacco and Aesop Rock are doing a full album together!! Mother Earth revolves to give another day!

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Xей там!

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