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"I'm the ghost in the human shape"

I just forgot how to land

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Kristen Liu – The Sensual Arrangement

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On some throwback home cinema today, Ninja Scroll still shakes tombs

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About time I introduce you to Alba. We're on third base now.

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Jean-Francois Auburtin - The Echo, 1911

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Even if I just discovered his name by accident, Yoshitaka Amano ranks among my favourite artists for a freaking long time. Besides designing a humongous amount of old-school anime that I haven't even heard of he's responsible for the iconic scening and character design of almost every major Final Fantasy release out there.

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a majestic markhor goat

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A member of the fire tribe. Can't seem to find out who did these.

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A project by acclaimed Universal Everything. I noticed they've used this model for some MTV reel several years ago. Watching this also made me read up on Archigram.
I'm late to every party.

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Rebecca Guay - Time and Chance

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