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"To doubt everything or to believe everything are two equally convenient solutions; both dispense with the necessity of reflection."
Henri Poincaré

Lebbeus Woods - rules of change

Proposal for the New Parliament in Sarajevo

61216   |   drawing architecture building geometry grid

getting here

241016   |   gif TouchDesigner black.white geometry grid

231016   | black.white 3D geometry grid

We came across a neat gardening project near Manhattan Bridge that was home to this funky greenhouse

15816   |   photo architecture building window rainbow glass geometry grid rectangle New.York USA

Sou Fujimoto at MoMA

12816   |   photo architecture geometry grid New.York USA

10816   |   photo sculpture human flight geometry grid New.York USA

7816   |   photo wall geometry rectangle grid Norge

23216   |   black.white grid

1815   |   photo architecture window glass geometry grid rectangle Aarhus Danmark

23912   |   photo architecture geometry grid light Berlin Deutschland

16515   |   photo grid rope Geiranger Norge

way up in Gardermoen airport

13315   |   photo grid geometry pattern wood Norge

12315   | black.white 3D geometry grid Cinema4D

waiting in Aker Brygge

26215   |   photo pattern grid rectangle metal Norge Oslo

barcode project, Oslo, as of early 2015

26215   |   photo architecture building pattern grid geometry rectangle city Norge Oslo

inside the foyer of Oslo Opera

26215   |   photo architecture wall pattern rectangle wave light grid wood Norge Oslo

Oslo Opera. Everywhere you look is a minute quasar.

26215   |   photo architecture window geometry rectangle glass Norge Oslo grid