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"the function of man is to live, not to exist"
Jack London

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

21518   |   България Со́фия photo architecture church religion gold roof sky

21518   |   България Со́фия photo church religion architecture building roof gold

feels like I took this photo a thousand times over in every city I visited

9416   |   photo city building tower roof gold Beograd Srbija

Former Queen of Norway depicted in a very daring way. Which other country would do something like this?

25215   |   photo painting human woman clothes gold crown pattern Norge Oslo

Astronomical clock on the north side of Oslo's city hall

25215   |   photo clock wall time gold Norge Oslo

13814   |   painting mythology animal deer horns circle cloud mountain gold

El Guincho - Bombay

Yes, finally I stumbled over this video again! I can't quite put my finger on it but there's something about this video/song combination that fascinates me beyond reason.

4413   | music video human woman nude man bike wtf weapon gun smoke animal bird gold band instrument