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"why do people always rush their wishes at the wishing well?"

So this GIF that I posted years ago, way back before 90% of my content got lost, actually stems from the Mononoke series I'm watching now. I'm baffled.
These days so many circles are coming to a close and opening for me, shit's becoming almost too unreal.

41119   |   gif anime mask head

28917   |   gif TouchDesigner sea.creature jellyfish glitch rainbow

23917   |   gif TouchDesigner rainbow

19617   |   gif human text building

241116   |   gif Processing black.white

These streets will make you feel brand new

141116   |   gif TouchDesigner glitch rainbow

51116   |   gif TouchDesigner black.white 3D geometry

21116   |   gif touchDesigner black.white geometry 3D


261016   |   gif TouchDesigner black.white geometry

getting here

241016   |   gif TouchDesigner black.white geometry grid

9916   |   gif glitch number geometry pattern

31816   |   gif computer light

9716   |   gif TouchDesigner geometry rainbow

21616   |   gif TouchDesigner rainbow

on point - all the time

20616   |   gif TouchDesigner geometry rainbow

19616   |   gif animation geometry cube eye

31516   |   gif wtf eye circle