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"my headphones, they saved my life"

My mixtape for our recent holiday in the Czech Republic
download here

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Check this out,  W:Blut wrote this wicked WebGL shader that smoothly runs in any browser window:


28517   |   programming noise geometry

Lebbeus Woods - rules of change

Proposal for the New Parliament in Sarajevo

61216   |   drawing architecture building geometry grid

Jörmungandr | b

191116   | TouchDesigner rainbow geometry 3D

Jörmungandr | a

191116   | TouchDesigner rainbow geometry 3D

51116   |   gif TouchDesigner black.white 3D geometry

21116   |   gif touchDesigner black.white geometry 3D


261016   |   gif TouchDesigner black.white geometry

getting here

241016   |   gif TouchDesigner black.white geometry grid

231016   | black.white 3D geometry grid

9916   |   gif glitch number geometry pattern

Atelier Olschinsky - Escherization

3916   | 3D geometry glitch

We came across a neat gardening project near Manhattan Bridge that was home to this funky greenhouse

15816   |   photo architecture building window rainbow glass geometry grid rectangle New.York USA

Art is everywhere … I refuse to know where … I wonder to know where art is …
 Everywhere I wonder to know where art is … everywhere I wonder to know where art is … everywhere I wander?
Themselves - It's Them

15816   |   photo graffiti building wall rainbow human woman geometry surreal New.York USA

Sou Fujimoto at MoMA

12816   |   photo architecture geometry grid New.York USA

10816   |   photo sculpture human flight geometry grid New.York USA

7816   |   photo wall geometry rectangle grid Norge