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"Dying together sucks a little less than dying alone."
Jake the Dog

I mean, I've got about zero interest in playing this, but that trailer right there is fucking gorgeous.

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Fuck yes, actually quit my boring job today!

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Nothing like pwning your friends before work to kick off the day.

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I completed Hyper Light Drifter and it was such a delight. If you've ever found any joy in playing a computer game or care for a good story at all I implore you to get this jewel. Or talk someone you know into playing it while you just sit there by their side getting lost in its miraculous world.

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So I completed XCOM 2 (sequel to a reboot of an old fav of mine) recently and looked for something to unwind a bit after spending a week with guests, spending three weeks abroad and spending another two weeks with guests and found more than I was hoping for in Hyper Light Drifter. It's a somber action adventure sporting amazing pixelated graphics, a gripping soundtrack all wrapped in a superb, imaginative setting.

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Wow, after countless heart-pounding encounters I actually managed to complete Dark Souls III. Playing through the series truly was one of the most remarkable gaming experiences and if I were to live in the lands of unlimited time to spend I'd totally start over again right now.

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Just twenty minutes in and this game is already overhwelmingly beautiful. A shame my laptop can't keep up, though :/
Oh and by the way, I already died three times for trying to lure a one eyed ogre.

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I'm quite surprised myself that I really managed to finish Dark Souls. Time for part 2.

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mh, usually works

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stage background from the classic NeoGeo fighting game Garou - Mark of the Wolves

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Two years after I've first begun playing Dark Souls I decided to get myself a gamepad and get back at it again. It's such an intense game, there's no way describing it. I must've died a hundred times over, quite literally, and still don't grow tired of getting up and trying again.

One big aspect of the game is figuring out how it even works. I played for four hours only to decide to start over again, because I messed up my character stats. Then after 16 more hours I recognized that I missed out on some of the critical game mechanics and began anew. Now I'm feeling that I really got the hang of it and it's not that hard anymore. Still incredibly teeth-grinding, air-out-your-lungs-pulling fucking hard. Simply love it.

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Although I love the concept and design of Gods Will Be Watching I don't see myself persistent enough to endure all the hardships to complete this game.

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count me in

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I'm kinda excited bout this as this game basically took on the challenge to carry on the spirit of what is probably my all-time favourite: Baldur's Gate 2. I'm only an hour or so into it and the innovative setting and engaging way of storytelling already got me. And now after I hung out enough with these dudes I need to find out where all this mad whispering is coming from. Excuse me for a sec.

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It took me around 53 hours but I eventually completed Final Fantasy XIII. It's easily one of the best looking games out there telling a gripping albeit linear story in an incredibly unique world. Let's hope the series is still around when I hand in my retirement papers.

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Oh, I totally forgot about continuing playing Super Brother's Sowrds & Sorcery. I started over a year ago and got really attached to my mystic wandering alter ego until I got stuck with some riddle :/ Awesome game nonetheless, very unique (what does that mean?) visual direction and compelling atmosphere.

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