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"Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do."
Leonardo da Vinci

Martin Johnson Heade - Passion Flowers and Hummingbirds, 1883

171217   |   painting nature plant tree forest flower branch leaf animal bird fog

20516   |   photo nature mountain snow fog Finland

20516   |   photo mountain water fog plant tree grass Lofoten Norge nature

18516   |   photo mountain snow fog plant tree water lake Lofoten Norge

17516   |   photo nature mountain snow fog plant rock Vesterålen Norge

Just returned from a four-day trip to the far north, details tomorrow.

16516   |   photo mountain fog cloud building church water island Vesterålen Norge

This is where the rivers Sava (front) and Danube (back) merge.

8416   |   photo water river plant forest fog boat Beograd Srbija

the monolithic blocks of Novi Beograd being swallowed by the prevailing fog as viewed from Kalemegdan fortress

8416   |   photo water river plant forest fog Beograd Srbija

Three bridges spanning the river Sava thereby connecting Novi Beograd with the city proper.

8416   |   photo river bridge fog Beograd Srbija

Also I'm always having the most unreal dreams when I'm here. This is a still of Letter Never Sent, 1959.

231215   |   movie black.white human death fog sun

211115   |   photo snow mountain water building city fog sky cloud Ålesund Norge


19915   |   photo nature mountain plant fog daily.shot Norge Trollstigen

Missed one yesterday, have two from today's foggy trip to Trollstigen.

19915   |   photo nature mountain rock plant grass fog light daily.shot Norge Trollstigen

secret area discovered, +10XP

9915   |   photo water fog mountain cloud geometry sign daily.shot Ålesund Norge

Dexter's Middleman: i want to buy this photo. how much?

Fu: 100NOK and the 300dpi .png is yours - no one else will ever possess it. A4 maximum. Or should I directly send a print? That'll take roughly two weeks to the mainland.

Dexter's Middleman: deal. if it's cool for you, i'll do the printing myself. all further via mail.

Fu: Midnight, behind the box. I'll be the hyena, you'll see …

DS.11, Giske

3915   |   photo water mountain island rock fog Ålesund Norge daily.shot

Dan McPharlin has designed many a great record covers giving the classic surrealistic a contemporary upheaval.

10615   |   painting surreal human astronaut plant tree water fog


We've had some decent snowfall the past two days, I just hope it lasts through the weekend.

161214   |   photo snow mountain sky cloud light fog building house Ålesund Norge