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"but I'm more just a little curious, how you're planning to go about making your amends "
A Perfect Circle

Guiyang is such a lovable city, more civilized than Kunming but equally as green, located on a large river and fashionably up-to-date like Chengdu and modernity-wise exactly in the middle between those too. The first subway line went into operation only about two years ago and there's tons of construction sites around. Every major Chinese city kinda has/is looking for its field of expertise and Guiyang claims itself Big Data capital. Someone told me that Xi'an is the China of the past, Shanghai is the China of the present and Chengdu is the China of the future. My bets are Guiyang is on track to become the next Chengdu, 100元 on that!

13919   |   photo 中国 贵州 city mountain forest fog

Took the panoramic elevator up the West Pearl Tower, at 339m the tallest in Western China. Surprisingly the top floor sports VR- and AR-arcade setups, because what else would you do up there, right?

2919   |   architecture city 四川 中国 photo building river fog

Martin Johnson Heade - Passion Flowers and Hummingbirds, 1883

171217   |   painting nature plant tree forest flower branch leaf animal bird fog

20516   |   photo nature mountain snow fog Finland

20516   |   photo mountain water fog plant tree grass Lofoten Norge nature

18516   |   photo mountain snow fog plant tree water lake Lofoten Norge

17516   |   photo nature mountain snow fog plant rock Vesterålen Norge

Just returned from a four-day trip to the far north, details tomorrow.

16516   |   photo mountain fog cloud building church water island Vesterålen Norge

This is where the rivers Sava (front) and Danube (back) merge.

8416   |   photo water river plant forest fog boat Beograd Srbija

the monolithic blocks of Novi Beograd being swallowed by the prevailing fog as viewed from Kalemegdan fortress

8416   |   photo water river plant forest fog Beograd Srbija

Three bridges spanning the river Sava thereby connecting Novi Beograd with the city proper.

8416   |   photo river bridge fog Beograd Srbija

Also I'm always having the most unreal dreams when I'm here. This is a still of Letter Never Sent, 1959.

231215   |   movie black.white human death fog sun

211115   |   photo snow mountain water building city fog sky cloud Ålesund Norge


19915   |   photo nature mountain plant fog daily.shot Norge Trollstigen

Missed one yesterday, have two from today's foggy trip to Trollstigen.

19915   |   photo nature mountain rock plant grass fog light daily.shot Norge Trollstigen

secret area discovered, +10XP

9915   |   photo water fog mountain cloud geometry sign daily.shot Ålesund Norge

Dexter's Middleman: i want to buy this photo. how much?

Fu: 100NOK and the 300dpi .png is yours - no one else will ever possess it. A4 maximum. Or should I directly send a print? That'll take roughly two weeks to the mainland.

Dexter's Middleman: deal. if it's cool for you, i'll do the printing myself. all further via mail.

Fu: Midnight, behind the box. I'll be the hyena, you'll see …

DS.11, Giske

3915   |   photo water mountain island rock fog Ålesund Norge daily.shot