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"yo, sit back, relax and smell the roses"
Cannibal Ox

steady as we burn

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Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema – The Roses of Heliogabalus, 1888

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Why the hell am I so awfully sleepy all day? I got stuff to do …

Boris Eldagsen – Poem #98, 2013

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141118   |   България Со́фия photo plant flower water

141118   |   България Со́фия photo glass metal plant grass flower

Kenta Torri - Tengu Monkeys, 2015

15218   |   painting mythology beast monkey plant flower mask cloud weapon sword

Martin Johnson Heade - Passion Flowers and Hummingbirds, 1883

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Bloodwort in The Botanical Magazine by Sydenham Edwards, 1791

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was in the mood for some collaging yesterday

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Yes, we've gotten our hands on a new camera! I effin love it, feels so good to be in control of the depth of field and everything! I'll commit myself to keep shooting on a daily basis and picking the 'best' picture of each day from now on. Stay tuned!

24815   |   photo nature plant flower daily.shot Norge Ålesund

Dexter Albright: canon scum... but good work and sublime intent!

Fu: I un-biased myself before I went to read up on DSLRs and after some weeks sifting through reviews of all brands I decided this one would give me the best balance of video and photo performance in our price range. Totally wouldn't've minded going with Sony, maybe next time ;)

Dexter Albright: this is neither about being un-biased (quite the contrary) nor about sony.

Fu: Apple or pear, then :) The Nikon models' specs and reviews didn't convince me or just didn't fit my needs, Panasonic, Olympus: meh, Pentax: are you kidding me? When I narrowed it down to a shortlist, there were 2 Canon and 2 Sony on the paper. It's tough judging by second-hand exerience alone, anyways, but I feel I'll be very happy with our choice.

Fu: Btw, you've got some place you upload your shots to? I'm intrigued ;)


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rejoice, my favourite month of them all has begun!

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