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"and they forgot to come around, the saviours of the underground"

At long last, I conquered Asmodea.

Francisco Goya – Asmodea / Visión fantástica,  ~1820–1823

161119   |   painting surreal dream human man woman flight mountain weapon gun tattoo

Today I went to the waterfront where Daguan Pavillion is located. To my surprise it turned out to be mixed in with a kind of amusement park. Lots of boat rides, costume vendors and the likes in between huge lotus lakes. I'm lucky to still hit the end of the flowering season, it's just so beautiful. And by the way: lotus root was one of my favourite parts of the hotel breakfast in Chengdu.

One of the pavillions held a lot of these wooden reliefs. Unfortunately Engrish information is mostly provided at the entrance of such rooms and rarely for individual pieces.

8919   |   photo 中国 云南 云南 me_irl wood relief human man beard animal bird cloud plant tree leaf flight

Yllis - 

20617   |   music electronic video 3D city street car flight wtf

141016   |   photo water wave animal bird flight Norge Ålesund

10816   |   photo sculpture human flight geometry grid New.York USA

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I spotted these fellas somewhere around Grønland, the place to go if you're in for some shady businesses in Oslo.

25215   |   photo sculpture human flight Norge Oslo

guess I just got carried away …

F. Kirchbach - The rape of Ganymede, 1892

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