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"Now is better than never.
Although never is often better than *right* now."
Tim Peters

where's my head at?

71019   |   sculpture Stockholm Sverige photo stone animal deer antlers flag

Can you believe it? They were actually flying my flag when my lift descended down to Earth again! (':

11919   |   中国 云南 photo sign flag

Damnit, I had that smudge on my lens all day and didn't bother to check even once :F Great temple, nonetheless. And it's not often you're allowed to take photos of the painted clay statues of the immortals.

8919   |   photo 中国 云南 architecture temple water flag

19817   |   photo architecture building church flag sky Αθήνα ελληνικά

My mixtape for our recent holiday in the Czech Republic
download here

10817   |   music electronic mixtape download geometry flag Česko

Kalemegdan fortress

11516   |   photo flag architecture building wall plant tree sky Beograd Srbija

:'( Vive!

131115   |   flag

1815   |   photo architecture building flag Aarhus Danmark

1815   |   photo ship flag sky cloud Sverige Göteborg

Went on a company outing for the very first time the other day, no catch though :/

29315   |   photo sea water wave boat mountain island flag Norge Ålesund

22813   |   gif wtf computer flag