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"Knowledge is indivisible. When people grow wise in one direction, they are sure to make it easier for themselves to grow wise in other directions as well."
Isaac Asimov

141118   |   България Со́фия photo comic animal eye teeth wall

24518   |   България Со́фия photo graffiti comic woman head crown eye text

18318   |   painting comic human man head eye clothes triangle sky jewellery

Piotr  Jabłoński - The Grey Ones Gather

171217   |   painting dark cave human man beast eye light

19817   |   photo graffiti comic face mouth eye Αθήνα ελληνικά

29816   |   photo painting pattern eye New.York USA

Nychos must've gone all globe by now

29816   |   photo graffiti surreal skeleton bone skull eye dragon New.York USA

15816   |   photo graffiti wheatpaste eye head wall New.York USA

19616   |   gif animation geometry cube eye

31516   |   gif wtf eye circle

91215   |   collage black.white eye

We ordered a camera. It's going to be my very first DSLR, I'm so excited!

22815   |   comic black.white manga eye

18415   |   photo human hand eye blood

22215   | sticker comic eye Norge Oslo

22215   |   photo human sticker black.white comic head eye text Norge Oslo

19115   |   photo wheatpaste eye monster text wall Polska Wrocław

15115   |   photo macro animal snake eye